Thursday, November 15, 2012

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In modern times, women are used in many different ways in print advertising.  For my Communications Studies class i must do research to figure out how women are negatively portrayed in print media.  This is a very important topic because in recent times, women have been used for advertising purposes as well as portrayed as subordinate to men.  Through these processes, issues such as body image issues, the trivialization of domestic violence and sex and new society ideals come about and are a huge part of society today.  It is important to recognize how print media negatively stereotypes women and how this has a profound effect on young women in society.  This question of "how are women negatively portrayed in print media" will be answered by analyzing the advertising, content, affects, response.  

Clearly these magazines (the covers of one issue of each are shown above) portray women in very different ways and it will be interesting to see how women are portrayed and how this effects young women in society.  The advertisements as well as actual content will be looked at as well as the effects these portrayals have on young women in society.  I predict that these advertisements, in which the women are "perfect" will negatively affect young women in society.   

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